Our Training Center:

The Building:
10 Tidswell Ave. Medford, NJ 08055 Note: Please do not send mail to this address. See mailing addresses below.
Located in the Historic Village of Medford. Our 6000 square foot building space is 50 x 120. This size space with our custom made portable privacy ring barriers makes it easy for us to offer one large agility ring or both an agility class and an obedience class at the same time. Our rings are well lighted and minimally heated. Quiet safe location off major highway with plenty of parking around the entire building.

Our Ring Surface:
We have chosen the best! Field Turf with a rubber infill. This is considered by most experts to be the best possible surface for shock absorption and traction for both the handler and canine athlete. 

Classes Offered:
Dog Training classes are offered in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Puppy and Breed Show Handling. Additional classes will be coming soon.
See list of classes and instructors by clicking on the links above. 

We offer Agility run-throughs on some weekends and Friday evenings.
Two full nested courses will be offered. $5.00 a run, 2 minutes max.
Four runs for $15.00. Always confirm run-throughs via email:
Click here to confirm when our next run-throughs will be: pinelandsdogtraining@yahoo.com

Ring Rentals: 
Our rings are available to rent when not in use. Please email us for availability. 
50 x 90 Agility Ring with equipment: $40.00 per hour, $30.00 for 3 or more hours.
50 x 30 Obedience Ring: $25.00 per hour, 20.00 for 3 or more hours.
50 x 120 Entire Ring Space: $400.00  a day up to 8 hours.

There is a $10.00 fine for any canine that has an accident inside the building. This will be strictly enforced.
This building is electronically monitored. Must leave rings as you find them.

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MAILING ADRESSES: Note: we do not receive mail at the building site!

Send all class Applications to:
Pinelands Dog Training Center
c/o Diane Harrington
848 Jacksonville Mt. Holly Road
Bordentown,NJ 08505

Send All Seminar Payments To:
Pinelands Dog Training Center
c/o Susan Bintliff
286 Hapete Trail
Medford Lakes, NJ 08055