Agility Classes with Lisa Evans

Instructor: Lisa Evans: Cell: 856-366-0066 Email:
Monday pm: 8:00-9:30pm: This class is an ongoing class and walk-ins are welcome when class size permits. Cost is $25.00 per class.                       You can Call or Email Lisa for availability. 
This class is for novice dogs that have completed Foundation one & two and Short Course Class or their equivalent. This class is designed to help Novice dogs prepare for competition. Courses will include, all the equipment & skills the novice dog will see in competition. This class will combine jumping skills, contact equipment and weaves in slightly longer more technical sequences than our beginner Novice and Short Course class. Classes are 1 hour long for 5 or less dogs. 6 dogs with a limit of 8 dogs we will increase to 1&1/2 hour class.

Instructors:Lisa Evans : Cell: 856-366-0066 Email:                                                                                                                    Tuesday: 8:00- 9:30pm: This class is an ongoing class and walk-ins are welcome when class size permits. Cost is $25.00 per class. You can Call or Email Lisa for availability. 
This class is for dogs that have started competing or are ready to. Teams should have completed both short course & Novice class or have the skills to handle Novice/ Open course work. Class will be structured to focus on two courses each week.  Handlers will walk the course with the instructor and discuss how it should be executed. Handler/dog teams will run all or parts of the course followed by a discussion on ways to make it better. Teams will run the entire course a second time. Classes are 60 minutes for 5 or less dogs. Over 5, with a limit 8 dogs the class will be 90 minutes.