Short Course Work/Proofing Skills:
Mondays 5:00-6:00am: 
Instructor: Kathy Parkin, 6 Weeks $120.00 Please pay Kathy the first class.
Contact Kathy for semester dates: or 856-304-4432

This class is for dogs that have completed Foundation Agility Training, All obstacle training and working full height contacts. The purpose of this class is to focus from dog training to sequencing. A closer look into Qs and timing and exploring various handling skills. Also covered, Weave pole independence and speed and of course, contact proofing continues. 
Handlers will walk two short courses 6-7 obstacles each containing two handling skills.  

Novice/Open Competition Class:
Mondays: 9:30-11:00am
Mondays: 6:00 -7:00pm
Instructor: Kathy Parkin, 6 Weeks $120.00 Please pay Kathy the first class.
Walk-ins are welcome for 20.00 when class size permits.
Contact Kathy for a semester dates: or 856-304-4432

This class is for novice/open level dogs that have completed Foundation one & two and Short Course Class or their equivalent. This class is designed to help dogs prepare for competition. Courses will include, all the equipment & skills the novice/open level dog will see in competition. This class will combine jumping skills, contact equipment and weaves in slightly longer more technical sequences than our beginner Novice and Short Course class. Classes are 1 hour long for 5 or less dogs. 6 dogs with a limit of 8 dogs we will increase to 1&1/2 hour class.

All Levels Competition Class:
Mondays 11:00-12:30am
Mondays   7:00 - 8:30pm 
Instructor, Kathy Parkin, Walkins $20.00 per class
Please pay Kathy at the beginning of each class
Contact Kathy for a slot: or 856-304-4432

Class structure will be two longer technical skills. Theses skills are designed for proofing dog training skills and more technical handling. Students will run a skill and the instructor will make suggestions to improve efficiency and may ask the student to redo part of the skill if needed. Student will then run entire skill again. Once first skill is completed student will move on to the second skill. The skills are designed with more than one pass through equipment, Such as weaves in both directions, contacts in two directions, either end of tunnels on same skill etc. 
Theses classes are popular and are managed through an email distribution list.
Please feel free to email us to be added to the schedule. 

PRIVATES with Kathy Parkin 1 Hour: $60.00
Privates can be booked with Kathy please contact her for available times. 
856-304-4432 or email