Chris Ott-Parker & Frankie Joiris

Frankie Joiris and Chris Ott are international seminar presenters and full time dog trainers with a combined 60 years experience training dogs in agility, obedience, disc dog, conformation, search and rescue, hunting events, herding as well extensive experience in television and film. Both Frankie and Chris have competed at the top levels of multiple dog sports venues with multiple breeds of dogs and are well known for their ability to customize training to fit each team’s unique strengths and ability.

Agility Champion and
Guinness World Record Holder
Chris Ott-Parker
Chris Ott is an international level dog agility competitor, trainer and coach. Two time USA/AKC World Agility Team Member, National Agility Champion, Guinness World Record Holder and USA European Agility Open Team Member with two dogs. Chris has been the Team Coach for the USA/AKC World Agility Junior Team for the past three years. She is also one of the top breeders of performance Border Collies in the US with multiple dogs of her breeding being selected to represent the USA at FCI World Championships and Crufts as well as winning National Agility Championships. 

Well known for her ability to work with many breeds, dozens of Chris’ students regularly represent their breed each year at the prestigious AKC/Eukanuba National Agility Invitational (breeds including: Spanish Water Dog, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Wire Fox Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Briard, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Tibetan Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Poodle, Springer Spaniel, Puli, and Border Collie). 

Chris works with all breeds of dogs including mixed breeds at all levels of training and all ages. Her training program produces dogs that run and play in agility well into their senior years while remaining sound and healthy. Many of Chris' senior dogs (both her own and her students) are still very competitive in the championship programs of AKC and USDAA as well as other nationally recognized programs such as NADAC, CPE and DOCNA. Chris is also known for her problem solving skills and customizing training programs to fit each teams individual needs.

Chris' 30+ years of experience coupled with her outstanding accomplishments and those of her students makes her one of the highest qualified instructors in the entire country. More info on Chris Ott available at:

World Renowned Animal Trainer
and Author
Frankie Joiris

Frankie Joiris trains animal actors (birds, farm animals, turtles, cats and dogs) for television, film and print advertisements in addition to teaching competitive agility and disc dog. Frankie teaches and presents seminars internationally and is one of the top presenters at canine training camps across the country. In addition, Frankie has competed with dogs in virtually every venue in AKC as well as with dogs in every height category. 

Frankie  has been the Team Manager for the USA/AKC World Agility Junior Team for the past three years. She writes on the subject of animal training for several publications, including Clean Run, American Animal Trainer, Pet Bird Report and Companion Parrot Quarterly. She also has a widely read blog at

Frankie’s style of training is eclectic and conversational and is focused on an individual approach to each animal. She is a popular instructor since she works with and excels at training non-traditional performance breeds using many nontraditional methods. A link to student testimonials