Friday Evening Classes with Caitlin Puskas

Friday Evening Instructor: Caitlin Puskas 

The below class times are subject to change based on enrollment, so please contact Caitlin to join her classes and to be added to her email list for updates on class dates and times. 

Walk-ins must be approved by instructor.

Contact Caitlin at or 609-781-1759

Foundation 1 
Friday 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Dates: Fall 2019 dates to be announced soon
Foundation 1 is ideal for those new to agility or those looking to start a new dog.  This class is designed for puppies at least 5 months of age or adult dogs who have had no previous agility training. Dogs should have the following basic obedience skills: sit, down, come, stay, and the ability to focus on their handler with other dogs nearby. Topics covered will prepare your dog for success in most dog sports.  Foundation class is not only for those looking to compete, as this class is designed to build confidence in your canine team in and out of the ring.

Skills Covered: Developing handler focus when other dogs are working, clicker training, two on two off, hind end awareness, peanut ball & balance board work, target training, developing toy drive, restrained recalls, come to hand, recalls to heel, crosses on the flat, cone work, and sends around jump standards.
Also introduced in this session are the teeter, tunnels, different surfaces and inclines, steps, and more!

Novice/Open Short Course Class
Friday 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Dates: Fall 2019 dates to be announced soon

This class is for those who have completed Foundations 1 & 2 and a Lowered Contacts class.  This class uses mostly full height, regulation equipment, although accommodations can be made for adding a box to the teeter or adding weave pole training tools. Emphasis will be on having fun while learning some of the more advanced fundamentals of agility.  This class is beneficial for those looking for a more challenging class or looking to eventually compete.  Typical sequences will range between 8 and 14 obstacles.  

Competition Skills Class 
Friday 7:45pm - 9:30pm
Dates: Fall 2019 dates to be announced soon
This class is great for those already started in competition and are looking for some additional help on retraining contacts, motivation, or just concentrating on further developing their handling.  We focus on having fun, and working on each teams challenge areas in fun and innovative ways.  This class works on a different skill each week and is always changing depending on the needs of the group.