Kathy Parkin, Agility Instructor

Kathy has over 10 years of experience instructing agility.
She has experience working with many different breeds. She has coached several of her students to the Masters Level of Agility Competition. She has lessened with Rosie Sutherland for many years and attended several seminars with greats like Jenn Crank. Kathy is currently running her three cockers, Lacie, Emmie and Kenzie.
Kathy has earned four Master Agility Championships (MACH) on Lacie and Emmie.  Kenzie, her youngest Cocker, is competing at the Excellent Level at two years of age. She has qualified both Lacie and Emmie for the American Kennel Club National Agility Championships for the past three years. Both her dogs have placed amongst the top 30 Cockers in the country. 
Kathy lives in Marlton with her husband Rick, two daughters and four dogs. She is known for her patience with both new handlers and novice dogs. Some of her strengths include her ability to help solve issues a dog may have with equipment or the trial environment.
Kathy trains and competes following a motion based system and is good at adapting it to each handler and dog, to help them become a successful team. She is a positive trainer who believes in using toys and treats to motivate. Kathy firmly believes you will have your best agility dog by allowing them to enjoy the sport.