Specialty Classes with Katie Brennan

CGC/Therapy Dog Testing & Prep, Instructor: Katie Brennan
4 week semester $80.00 3 Classes to Prepare, 4th week wil be the Test, Cost includes Testing, additional AKC Fee not included. 

Saturday 1:00-2:00pm Class Dates: To be annouced.
This class is for dogs that are preparing for CGC and/or Therapy Dog evaluations.  The curriculum will be based on the requirements for said tests.  Dogs should have a good understanding of some basic commands in a group class setting (sit, down, come, walking loose leash) before signing up.  The final week will be the CGC test included in the semester price. (additional cost to AKC for Title)
Trick Training, Instructor: Katie Brennan,
Saturday Class Dates & Times: to be annouced

Trick training is a great way to expel your dog’s mental energy and to strengthen your working relationship. Tricks can be used in our every day lives and as a way to work out difficult obedience and agility tasks or teach your dog something just for fun and to entertain friends. This class will focus on teaching your dog the basics that can build to more difficult tricks. Focus will be on learning the tools you need to shape more complex behaviors. You and your dog will have fun and also work towards various trick training titles as well. Your Dog should have a good understanding of some basic commands (sit, down, stay) and be able to focus on you in a group class setting.