My love and respect for animals was cultivated as a child. I grew up on a small horse farm with parents who loved animals. As a child, I shared a joint passion with my mother training and competing both horses and dogs in competition. 

As an adult, I continued to ride and train horses and believe that this has helped me become a better dog agility handler. I love to work with both dogs and handlers and believe in an individual approach over a "one size fits all method". I am patient and focused with an enthusiasm for both learning and teaching. I pride myself on being able to step up and run another person's dog without prior training together. I believe this talent comes from an innate sense of knowing how to motivate and instill confidence in my canine partner. 

I have put numerous titles on several different dogs I train including some dogs that needed a handler last minute.

My first agility partner is my Pug "Kyara". Kyara made her way to Masters level in a very short amount of time. She also ranked top 5 pugs in the country 2 years in a row before even reaching the Masters level. Unfortunately Kyara was injured right after she made it into the masters level and is just finally ready to compete again.

I am currently handling a Corgie named "Callie" for her injured owner. Callie and I earned her MXJ and T2B titles. Callie and I have quickly come together as a team and we are moving forward together as a team working on her MACH.

My sheltie teammate "Piper" who I have trained from the beginning for his owner is now also closing in on MACH. I also handled another sheltie named "Cirrus" for Piper's owner. Together we earned her Open Titles before she was retired for health issues. 

In addition to those dogs, I also trained and handled a Border Collie named "Rubi" for her owner. Rubi and I together earned her Excellent & Masters titles before her owner moved to Florida.

I am currently handling a 20 inch All American named "Mr Boots" for his owner. We are now working through the lower levels. 

At Pinelands Dog Training Center, I assist Diane Harrington, the Obedience/Foundation Director helping her teach some of her larger classes. 

For many years, I have taking agility classes with Susan Bintliff, Agility Trainer/Director for Pinelands DTC. 

I have taken several seminars with top dog trainers. 

I believe the opportunity I have had to work with some very talented trainers and several different breeds for different owners has given me the experience needed to help others develop a great relationship with their canine partners.