Lisa Evans

I started in agility 9 years ago with my first Australian shepherd, Bella, with the thought that it would be something fun to do with my dog on the occasional weekend. Little did I know then that it would become such an important part of my life! Since then I have been committed to learning as much as I can about the sport. In addition to training with Susan Bintliff I have taken several agility seminars with great instructors like Chris Ott, Rosie Sutherland, Jenn Crank and Anne Andrly.
I put Bella's first MACH on her when she was four years old. That same year we qualified for the 2011 AKC National Agility Championship in Lexington, Va. We are now working towards MACH5.
My second agility dog was another Australian Shepherd, Dante. After achieving his Excellent Titles and his Herding Started Title I turned him over to my husband to compete so I could concentrate on my newest prospect, a Pinelands bred sheltie named "Lucca" who earned his first MACH at age three with many wins at the Masters level. Luca is five years old and we are now working towards MACH 3. We Have competed in two National Agility Championships. 
I am also currently serving as the President of our local agility club, SOJAC. 
In addition to training with Susan Bintliff for many years, I have also trained with or taken seminars with many of the top agility instructors including Rosie Sutherland, Chris Ott, Susan & Jennifer Crank, Jaako & Anita, Anne Andrle, John Nys & Marcy Mantell. My program and teaching methods concentrate on motion cues and building a solid positive relationship with your dog always keeping in mind that having fun is why we all got involved with agility.