Debbie has had an affinity for animals since childhood. Her first partner was a Rough Collie named Simon whom she  competed in conformation. She started in agility in 2008 with her first Standard Poodle, Hunter. Debbie and Hunter achieved many Placements, Awards and Tiltles including an Agility Championship. She has since owned, trained and handled two more Standard Poodles, Tedi and her youngest, Indy. 
Debbie & Indy are currently working on their championship in Agility. They have also been training in Nose Work, Rally, Pakour, Trick training, Frisbee, Tracking and even Dock Diving. 
Debbie Chirichella’s philosophy:  “A positive mindset brings positive rewards”
Her style of teaching is to keep it positive & fun for both handler and dog using reward based training such as toys and treats. 

Debbie’s Dog’s Title Achievements:
2008 Hunter- MACH, CGC, TKI, MXS, MJS, MF
2014 Tedi- CGC, TKI, MF, MBJ, MXB
2019 Indy- CGC, TKA, RN, PKQT, MF, MBJ, MXB

Training Background:
In addition to training with Susan Bintliff, Agility Director of Pinelands Dog Training,  Debbie has trained with many great dog trainers including Rosie Sutherland & Sally Silverman. She has also taken many Seminars with very well respected Dog Trainers including  John Nys, Marcy Mantell, Laura Dolan, Susan and Jenn Crank Daisy Peel and Cassie Schmidt to name just a few.