Marylou McCloskey


Marilou McCloskey:

I have been showing my English Springer Spaniels in Obedience since 1992 having put Utility titles on two and am currently working in Utility with my third. Bentley, my first Springer, was my demo dog for Rally as I traveled the east coast doing seminars to promote this new sport. Harley picked up where Bentley left off as Rally demo dog when Bentley became too old to travel and we still didn’t have an AKC titling event. I applied to become an Obedience judge in 2004 and Rally judge in 2005 and judged one of the many first Rally Trials on January 1, 2005 in Westmoreland, PA. I finally did have the opportunity to show a dog in Rally with #3, Zachary, who earned his RE. I have been teaching Rally and Obedience for the past 7 years and my students all continue to title in both.