Diane Harrington

Diane Harrington, Obedience/Rally/Puppy Training Director:
Diane has over 35 years experience training dogs. She started out in Obedience competition with Golden Retrievers and Shelties. Diane has trained numerous dogs to advanced Obedience and AgilityTitles including an OTCH and several MACHs. 
Diane has taught at several different dog schools over the years. Several years ago Diane bought an older Sheltie puppy (MACH4 Kayla) from Pinelands Shelties as her new Obedience prospect. "Kayla" had already been started in Agility by the Bintliff's.
Diane, never one to let training go to waste, decided to keep up with Kayla's agility training "just for fun".
Kayla, with Diane's dedication to learning how to handle a fast agility dog is well on her way to MACH5 and also has her UD and RE.  
Diane's next team mate, a male Sheltie named Kai is closing in on his fifth MACH. "Shine" is Diane's newest prospect, is now competing in Masters, working towards her first MACH. 

Training Philosophy:
Diane believes in positive training using reinforcements such as food and toy play. Diane uses clicker training for Foundation work.