Susan Bintliff, Agility Training Director:

Susan and her husband Glen have been involved with agility for over 20 years. They are regular fixtures competing their numerous Home bred Shelties at agility trials all over the Tri-State area. Susan has earned 16 MACHS on nine different dogs.
Susan has qualified and competed in 8 National Agility Championships and has coached many of her students to MACH's and National Agility Championship qualifiers. Susan has taken one of her Home bred Shelties, "MACH 3 Cheer" to the world team tryouts four times
Susan and MACH3 Cheer’s Accomplishments:
2016 3rd Place Podium European Open Tryouts, Wisconsin
2016 Westminster Masters Championship Finalist
2017 AKC National Agility Championship Finalist 
2017 Cheer made the World Team Tryouts Short List
2017 ISC Overall Winner small dog,  Eskie Club
2018 ISC Overall Winner Small dog,  Eskie Club
2018 UKI North East Regional Cup 12” Reserve Overall
2017 Fab 2nd Place Podium World Team Tryouts, Connecticut 
She has had the unique opportunity to train and handle many different breeds of dogs in Agility. In addition to handling her numerous Shelties, she has also handled two Border Collies, two German Shepherds, an Aussie, a Toy Poodle, a Cocker Spaniel, a cavalier, a Corgi, a Duck Toller and even a Red & White Irish Setter. This has given her extensive experience training and competing different breeds in every jump height.
Susan has been involved with training and competing dogs and horses since childhood.
Susan competed in Junior Showmanship and Obedience as a child.
As a young adult, she competed her first Sheltie in Obedience, earning many firsts and a few High in trials. Ten years ago Susan decided to give up showing horses and concentrate on her dogs full time.  
Susan breeds Shetland Sheepdogs and has owner handled many of her home bred dogs to their breed & performance Championships as well as Herding titles. She has bred many of the top placing agility Shelties currently out competing.
Susan has hosted and attended several agility seminars over the past 20 years. She has either taken seminars or trained with several of the top agility instructors including John Nys, Jennifer & Susan Crank, Linda Mecklenburg, Nancy Gyes, Jaako & Anita and Anne Andrle, Marcy Mantell, Szofi Biro, Mikec Manca, 
Susan's teaching style and beliefs derive from a culmination of the seminars and lessons she has taken, her competition experience, her background working with many types of dogs and handlers in agility and other disciplines, and her extensive experience with horse training and competition.
She believes in a motion based handling system with emphasis on keeping a connection with your dog by balancing a set of natural and trained cues. Susan is dedicated to creating a positive lesson experience for her students and encourages them to have a positive attitude towards training their dogs.